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News                                   A3D Forever!

04.09.00    New and the final version 1.0 of Vortex Tuner has been released. 

Version 1.0 Final (2.09.2000)

- Some cosmetic interface fixes
- Added EAX 2 dll uninstall button in about box
- Added Russian help files in help.rus directory
- Fixed bug with AC97 Mixer launching from Vortex Tuner
- This is the last version of Vortex Tuner

    Here is the full and complete archive of all Aureal photos from all their latest actions and presentation. Photos are in jpg format and sorted. You can download this 4Mb file from here.

    It is not likely, that this page will be updated soon. If anyone can help me to support the English version, then, please, connect with me.

30.07.00    Vortex Tuner updated to version 0.3. Included software EAX 2 support and many other nice things.

    Next updates of this site may be halted.

23.07.00    Project Vortex Tuner is closed. There will be no more updates, but if I will find this program useful, then I will continue development of it. Thank you for your help and understainding.

21.07.00    English version of "A3D Reflections" started. Now you can download Vortex Tuner V0.2 and visit our forum to discuss A3D and other topics. That's all for now. Stay cool, this site will be updated soon!

   Vortex Tuner now in the development stage. Please, test all features and send your results to voron@ixbt.com


For any site-related information contact webmaster at voron@ixbt.com.